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Summer Wind Chime Love Story (Chp. 2)
Title             : Summer Wind Chime Love Story
Author         switenana

Request by   haachin
Plot by         haachin
Pairing        : YamaCHii
Genre         : Romance, friendship, sweetness, fluffly, angsty, school life
Rating         : PG - 13
Summary   : Chinen is a very lovely, kind and cute young boy. He's just an ordinary student of Horikoshi Gakuen. On the other side, Yamada is also handsome and cute but this guy is different from Chinen, he's very famous in their school. What if one summer day, they meet each other in riparian? What will happen to both of them?

“Yamada-san…Yamada-san, are you ok?” asked someone after the class over.

“Hai?” Yamada looks surprised by that question.

“You don’t look good today. What happened?”

“I’m ok.” said Yamada to the girl who asking him before. Yamada look totally different today. Usually, he looks more cheers and so talkactive. But, in this condition, even he care about Chinen, that little boy didn’t care about him at all. That’s the problem. Yamada doesn’t get it, why Chinen can change so much in just a short time.

“Are you sure?” asked a girl.

“I TOLD YOU I’M OK!!! DON’T YOU GET IT?” he shouted.

“Ok…ok….You don’t need to shouted me like that. Oh GOD, what the hell with you?!” that girl upset. She mumbles all the way she walks away from Yamada.

“What happened to you?” suddenly someone come closer to him and stand beside him. The voice turns Yamada to look for that voice and how surprised he is as he looks who is standing beside him. Well, he tries to control his feeling. He move as fast as he can to clearing the books and keep silent like there’s no one talk with him. “You never yelled at someone before, especially girls. You really love them, but today you shouted on one of them. It’s so rare.”

“What’s wrong with that? I’m also a human after all. When I’m weary, I also can shout.” Yamada is still not in good mood.

“Souka.” said the one who is standing beside Yamada and then he go away from Yamada without say anything more.

“Chii….” Yamada stop that little boy steps. “Why do you care about me shouted to them or not? Don’t you said I should stay away from you? It means you also no need to care about me, deshou?”

“Never mind it.”

“I can’t.”

“Well, whatever. Currently, I don’t care about it. I just think it’s rare to saw you shouted to your girl.” Chinen smirk while say it.

“She’s not my girl.”

“Whatever. I don’t need to hear any explanation. Jaa ne.” said Chinen so cold and walk away from the class, leave Yamada alone. As he gets a little bit far from Yamada, inside his little heart, Chinen feel something weird. It’s so hurting inside, even it’s pissed him off, but he didn’t know the reason for what he felt. He only walks home alone like he did before. Walk home alone and be alone at home. That’s Chinen life now, but Yamada didn’t know it. “I’m strong enough for this. Obaa-chan, I can do this, deshou?” said Chinen in front of his grandma’s photo.

Sun reach the sky already, it’s shining so brightly for the whole day in summer season, say hello to people in next morning. It’s hot, but it’s almost the time to summer vacation, so students only need to wait for a little bit long time for the vacation.

As usual, Chinen take his seat close to window, in the last order. He only looks on school gate from the window, observed the student one by one who enters the school. He always does that every morning. Suddenly his eyes catch a figure. Chinen only can look him from a distance for a while before he back to his book. No one knows what’s in his mind. He stood in two different choices right now, but it’s really a hard choice.

“Ohayou…” he heard student greets one to the others. But, no one do that to him for all this time. He’s really alone.

“Hai Chii, ohayou….” someone greets him softly. It’s Yamada.


“Hey, you should greet me too. At least, you should say ohayou too for me.” Yamada’s mood turns to be good this morning although he’s not yesterday.

“Why should I?”

“It’s really impolite if you didn’t reply it. Don’t you know that?”

“I know.” answer him shortly. He’s back to read his book again and ignored the one who greets him before.

“Oi, where is my greeting?” asked Yamada. The older boy already back to his normal mode.

“Ohayou.” said Chinen shortly. “Seems like your mood already good today.”

“Yup, thanks to you.”

“Why me?”

“You don’t need to know.” smiled Yamada.

“Whatever.” then Chinen back to read his book. Both of them keep silent after that, until the class started.

Finally, it’s breaktime. Like before, Chinen go to take a shelter under a shady tree in school yard. He always brings his bento and a book to killing time. He started to eat while reading book. It’s really cozy moment without anyone disturbs him. But, he still feels something wrong with the situation. It’s so weird to don’t have any fight with Yamada. He tries to ignore his feeling and focus on his book, but it’s still so hard to focus on it. “Damn it. Why should I think about him?” he whispered and lean his head to the tree while the book rest on his lap. He can stare to the blue sky and sometimes he can feel cool breeze blow his hair. It’s pretty relaxing. “What can I do? What should I do to hide this entire thing?”

“Did someone hurt you?” Chinen turn to face the voice.

“What are you doing here?”

Yamada only sighed. “Why you always keep asking ‘What are you doing here? What are you doing here?’ It’s kinda boring to hear that question all the time. Don’t you know that?” slowly he lift up his face to stare on the blue sky while lean his back to the tree. He’s standing beside Chinen. He’s crossing his hand on the back. “Hey Chii, you really like to read book, huh?” said Yamada. Chinen only can stare on him at that time. “Since the first time we met, everytime we met, I always found you take a shelter while reading book.” Chinen keep silent as listen to him. He act like he doesn’t listen to any words come from Yamada, like he doesn’t care about it at all although he care. After that, both of them keep silent again. No words come out. There’s only cool breeze and some leaves scale off. “Kamisama….please make him remember me. I really miss the moment we’re being together and see his smile again.” beg Yamada to GOD as he still looks on the sky. “Chii…..” called Yamada.

“Hn? Nani?”


“YAMADA-KUNNNNN…..” suddenly someone cut off Yamada’s word. It’s a girl. She called Yamada from distance. She really happy and run to Yamada.

“You’re girl is comeing ~~~” said Chinen as tease Yamada.

“Umph, she’s not my girl.” Yamada look a little bit mad and piss off. “I gotta go. We talk again later, Chii.” said Yamada and go away from that place. He run as fast as he can.


“YAMADA-KUNNNNNN…..CHOTTO…..CHOTTO MATTE…...!!!! yelled that girl. She keep running to get Yamada. But those guys keep stay away from the girl. He doesn’t want anyone bother his time with Chinen for sure.

“Um…” seems like Chinen realize something. “Yamada-….san…..” he tries to called, but the boy already run so far and it’s impossible for him to called the older. “What he want to say actually? He didn’t finish his words.” curious Chinen try to find out the answer, but he can’t. He stares on the girl and Yamada who keep running like the girl try to chasing Yamada.

“YAMADA-KUNNNN….” her voices still can be heard by everyone.

“Yamada-san….” called Chinen. “I can’t tell you about it. It doesn’t mean I don’t remember you, demo…the agreement has made. I can’t break it. Gomen…..Ryo-chan….” whispered Chinen in so low tune like he doesn’t want anyone hear what he said.”Kamisama….please help me to out of this condition as soon as possible and be strong enough for all of this.” he’s begging on GOD while stare on the sky again. Cool breeze blow his black hair softly. No one really knows what happened in his past except Chinen itself. 

A/N: It's quite short I guess....
It's been along time for me to didn't write anything
and....I'm too clumsy 
I'm sorry for wrong typing, bad english and so on
Well, I hope you still can enjoy it
Feel free to leave comment ^-^


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confused??? ee....
which part????
um....I think I didn't write it better ne
you ask Chii to be with Ryo-chan
demo....there are so many problem actually

Iya iya iya
I don't mean i'm confused as you didn't write it well
I'm just confused as to what happened to Chii
Usually I have some ideas
But this is so interesting cuz I have no idea
Nee-chan you did a great job yo
I can't wait to read more

Ryosuke save your Chii
Love him so much yo
Chii just let Ryosuke love you
So Chii is the baka in your fic

so you can't guess what currently happened to Chii
fufufu....I'm happy to know it *slap*

um....maybe he's baka, maybe not
you'll find out about it in next chapter I guess
because I wouldn't write to long for this fics even I want to make it so long
demo...who knows what I really want to write ne

Arigatou Rei-channnnn *chuuu

Haiiii *pout*
Great job yo Nee-chan
Demo I want to know more
Hurry and tell me ><
YamaChii luv luv pleaseeeeeeee

I can't tell you right now *smirk*
well, it's really complicated
demo....I'll try to post the next chapter soon, ok?

I know ne
Dakara hayaku yo hahaha
Just do your best XDD

hai haiiiiii
I'll try my best to write it as fast as I can
since I'm still work on it X)P

Ganbatte ne
You can do it

What agreement!?!?
Does Chii have some kind of disease????
And he's living alone as I understood
Mouu, what happeneedd??? >3<

aaaa.....it's not about disease I guess
you can ask Chinen directly ne
hahaha XDDD

yup yup *nod hardly*
he's living alone
mah mah, you'll find out about it later ne

Ah, sou ka
I misunderstood it
Chiiiii, tell me everything and noowww !!!!

Poor Chii :<
But that means... I could accompany him~~
Chii, I'm comin--
*Ryosuke already packed his stuff and is at Chii's house*
Oii, I wanted to live with him T^T
Haaaai, I will wait patiently~

how could you force him to tell you what happened to him, huh? XDD
he will run away if you ask him like that, fufufu

ee??? accompany him?
I also want to live with him
let's make a deal with Ryo-chan, ne

Ettoo...how... I wll steal his books and bento until he tells me XDD
If that won't work, I'll kidnap Ryosuke
And I'm sure he cares about him!
Only thing that doesn't give him to show that is that stupid agreement
Which I want to know about!! >:((
So spit it out, Yuri, until Ryosuke is completely gone~

Ryosuke, let us live with you~~
We son't bother you
You can do anything you want to Chii
We'll just watch OuO

great idea Rii-channnnn
I support you *ee?*

we'll just watch?
like that Rii-chan
what if we do it secretly? *kick by Ryo-chan*

Ahaha yayyyy >w<

Haii, we'll just watch
Eh, I didn't say we won't do it secretly
Shall do it secretly~
We don't want to be a bother after all, keke

It's my first time to put a comment on your fic but
I'm actually reading. And I find it really interesting.
Looking forward to the next chapter. :))

arigatou na for reading my fics ^-^
I'm glad you leave comment and read this
and also arigatou for told me that is interesting

by the way, you can call me Chi-chan or Luci-chan
yoroshiku ne ^-^

I'll try to post the next chapter as soon as possible after my exam, hehehe

Douitashimashite. (^__^)

Ok then. I'll call you Chi-chan from now on.
Though I would love to call to you Luci-chan too, but
the other one is easier to remember because it sounds
like the cutest squirrel's name that Yamada Ryosuke owns. ~ XDD
And you can call me Ei-chan. Domo yoroshiku Chi-chan. :))

I'll wait for your update then.

hai, Ei-chan
it's up to you actually ^-^
Yoroshikuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu XDD

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