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Summer Wind Chime Love Story (Prologue)

Title             : Summer Wind Chime Love Story
Request by  : haachin
Plot by         haachin
Author         switenana
Pairing         : YamaCHii
Genre          : Romance, friendship, sweetness, fluffly, angsty, school life
Rating          : PG - 13
Summary     : Chinen is a very lovely, kind and cute young boy. He's just an ordinary student of Horikoshi Gakuen. On the other side, Yamada is also handsome and cute but this guy is different from Chinen, he's very famous in their school. What if one summer day, they meet each other in riparian? What will happen to both of them?

“Klinting Klinting”

“Klinting Klinting“

It’s really a nice sound from wind chime in a mini store in road side.

Summer is already here. There are some children play around and buy ice cream. They look so happy, but not with a child who stand behind the utility pole. He only stares to another. Looks like he want to be like them, but he can’t do that. Actually, he has good looking face, but it’s not look great right now. There are so many bruised on his face and his arm. What he can do right now only hiding behind that utility pole.

“Ice cream…” he whispered to himself.

He can’t do anything to get what he really wants. After he know there’s none of the children in the mini store, he walks alone to that store for just looking on the freezer that full with ice creams and get the cool air from that freezer. He really wants one ice cream for himself, but he doesn't have any penny to buy it. He really doesn't know anything right now. He walks away from that place and go to the riparian. He’s picking some gravel and throws it to the river. He’s not in good mood and a little bit mad this time. There is nothing he can do as 11 years old kid.

“Oi, you shouldn't throw it to the river. You will kill the fishes.” that voice turns that little boy to look on it.

“Who is the hell you are? It’s not your fucking business. I don’t care if the fishes will die.” that boy still throws some gravel to the river. He even grabbed a big stone and throw it to the river. He’s so mad.

“Then….you will be punished by the GOD of fish.”

“Ergh. I don’t care.” the boy stops his action and stood near the river.

“You look so mad.”

“Indeed.” replied that boy. That boy stared on the other boy who took a shelter under nearby shady and big tree. That little boy chuckled and begins to read his book. He’s being so calm and relaxes. He even doesn't care about that mad boy anymore. That older boy stared on that chibi who enjoyed his time to read the book. He couldn't take his eyes off that chibi. There’s something in the little boy that interested him and sucked him so deep, make him want to know more about that chibi.

“What are you doing?”

“You know it just by see it, deshou?”

“I know.” he comes closer in silent.

“What happened to you?” asked chibi to him. He wonder what that chibi mean. “There is so much bruises on your body. What happened?” asked that chibi again in soft tune.

“Um….it’s nothing.” he touches his face. Then he takes a seat beside that chibi and wrap his legs with both of his arms while his chin touch his knee. “Ne, Boku wa Yamada Ryosuke desu, antawa?” asked that older boy while still look around the river.

“Boku wa Chinen Yuri desu.” said that chibi and closed his book. He smiled to Yamada. That older boy stoned as he saw that smile. It’s really the beautiful smile he had ever seen. Besides that, Chinen is so cute. “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” Chinen got up and bowed. “Um, I think I need to go.” said Chinen as he looked at his wristwatch.

“So fast?”

“Un, it’s pretty hot at here. I need a cool place.” said Chinen while patting his pants. There were grasses patch on his pants.


“Hai??” he looked to Yamada.

“Can we meet again?” asked Yamada.

“Um, I don’t know. Maybe…” Chinen smiled. “Ah yeah, maybe this can help you.” Chinen gave him something.

“What’s this?”

“It’s kinda a toy I guess.” Chinen said in smile. “Actually I also don’t know what it is, demo I got it from my obaa-chan. She always told me so many things about wind chime back then.” he smiled and faced Yamada. “Normally, we hang it on the window deshou?” Yamada still confused. He still didn’t get what Chinen want to say. “People know wind chime is the thing to make us feel calm and cool in summer ne, demo…..my obaa-chan said it’s not only for that. Not only to cooling down the hot atmosphere,” he smiled softly as said that, “it’s also the symbol of love and bring lucky for us.”


“Un, it is. So, I give it to you as a gift for our first meet. I hope it can bring you luck and cool down your head and your heart. I gotta go. Jaa…maybe we can meet each other later.” Chinen smile and get away from him. He leaved Yamada alone near the river. Yamada laid on the grass and saw the wind chime miniature in his hand. It’s tinkling as the wind blow on it.

“Chinen Yuri, ka?!” he whispered to himself. Then he smiled. “We’ll meet again later. I knew it.” 

N/A: I'm not really sure people keep reading this story
But, I hope people who read this still like my fics
and I'm truly sorry for Haru-chan, it's really take so long time to finish this story
But I still can't post all of them in a time, gomen nasai *deeply bowed*
Minna, your comment are loved eventhough my english will be so horrible if I reply you 
Hontou ni gomen nasai, if I made a wrong in typing or in english structure
Have your time and enjoy it ^-^


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Ahhhh I know this fic
I think I beta what suppose to be chappie 1
Couldn't wait for it at all yo
Ganbatte Nee-chan

hai, I asked you for beta this story
demo ne, I make a different story for this I guess
so....I won't used the last story

hai hai, ganbarimasoo :)

Souka souka
I only read to this beginning too
So I can't wait at all yo

I hope you'll like it
ergh, I gotta go, matta ne Rei-chan

I'll try to post it soon :)

Mata ne
Ganbatte at work ^^

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