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Only Your Figure in My Eyes (Chp. 14) ~ Final
Only Your Figure in My Eyes
Title : Only Your Figure in My Eyes
Author : switenana
Beta : hwangtinglee
Pairing : YamaChii, slight of TakaChii
Rating : NC – 17
Genre : Fluff, romance, angst
Summary : Love isn’t easy. It’s pretty complicated. What is true love? Can it bought with money? How it feel actually?

 “Hi Ryo-chan and…..” greeted Keito as he come into Yuri’s resident. And now, he stares on her. “You must be Yuri, deshou?”

“H-hai…” said Yuri.

Keito smile. “Nice to meet you, Yuri.” said Keito and shake Yuri’s hand. But Yamada take his hand off of Yuri.

“Don’t shake too long.” seems like Yamada jealous. Keito and Yuri smile and release each other hand.

“Who’s with you?” Yamada asked Keito as he look at the big guy beside Keito.

“Ah yeah, let me introduce him.” said Keito. “He’s Inoo, the police commissioner. He come with me to…..”

“What are you doing here?” screamed Takaki as he see Inoo. He looks panic when he see that big guy.

“Hisashiburi, Yuya.” greeted Inoo. Each eyes stare on him now. Do they know each other before? No one know about it. But, maybe they have known each other before., because Inoo call Takaki with his nickname. “Well….I think you’ve heard that. I come here to arrest you.” Inoo smirk. No one said something now.

“It’s not true, deshou? You don’t have any arrest warrant.”

“Who says I don’t have it, Yuya?” Inoo so calm. “I bring it with me,” he shows Takaki the arrest warrant. It make that brunette guy speechless. “I got a report from Keito-san. He found your fingerprints on Yamada’s property and the destroyed painting. You’re so careless ne. I also heard that you do plagiarism about Yamada’s painting. And now, you admit it.”

“I didn’t admit it.”

“Yes you do, Yuya.” Inoo show him a recorder. “I’ve record all of your words. You must be responsible and father want to meet you. He knew all of what you did.”

“WHAT???” Takaki looks so scared while others keep silent. Yamada, Yuri, and Keito be so silent as they heard Inoo said their father want to meet Yuya. They stare Inoo. Seems like they don’t believe Takaki and Inoo have some relationship. They are in the same ages, it’s impossible for them to be brother. They don’t get any idea in that situation. While they keep silent and frozen like that. Inoo asked some police officer to arrest Takaki and take him to the police office. Takaki rebels, but he can’t release himself. Inoo turn his body to look at Keito, Yuri, and Yamada. Broadly smile has plastered his face. “Arigatou na.” he said in smile, but no one reply him. “Well, I’m off now.” he said and stepped away, but Keito stop him with his question.

“Do-do you have some relation with Takaki-san?” Inoo turn his body to face them again.

“Well…..we are brother.”

“It’s impossible. You and Takaki can’t be brother in the same ages, unless you-….”

“We’re not twin, and…indeed we’re the same age. Demo….we’re not sibling. I’m his step brother. His parents pick me when I was eight, and his father entrust me to take care of him and monitor what he do. Now…..” Inoo cut his line and smile. “I think I should go. Matta.”

“Hey, what you gonna say…”

“Matta.” Inoo said again and wave his hand while stepped to the outside. Now, there are Yamada, Yuri and Keito leave at that room. They stare each other while still keep silent.

“Umf. I think I should go too. Um…..Jaa.”

“Arigatou, Kei.”

“Douitashimashite.” he said and stepped away. He also wave his hand to them. Now, Yuri and Yamada being alone at that house since her parents go to a wedding invitation of her uncle. No one at that house, only them and some maids. Yuri and Yamada stare each other.

“Well, I think I should go home too. I think you need some rest after got stress.” he kiss her forehead. But Yuri clutch his shirt.

“It will reach evening in around 2 hours. So…. Will you join me to dinner? I don’t want to eat alone. I’m not used for it since I always ate with my parents.” it’s like a whisper for Yamada. Her soft voice so quiet and slow, but Yamada still can hear it.

“Well,” he pat her head. “I will join you today.”

“Hontou?” she look up.

“Un,” Yamada smile and nod.

They wait and wait till the time has come. They go to the dining room and eat their dinner in silent. It’s so quiet, but Yuri feel so happy to being with her lover. In the middle of dinner time, Yuri feel something wrong with her stomach. She was nauseated as she look at the meal. Yamada get shocked, because Yuri suddenly get away from dining table. She go to toilet and throw all of her meal that she got before.

“Yuri, daijoubu ka?” Yamada asked and pat her back.


“Should we go to doctor? You don’t looks good now.”

“I’m ok, daijoubu yo…” Yuri wipe her mouth with tissue. “I have checked myself, you don’t need to do that again.


“I’ll tell you after dinner.” Yamada can’t do anything. He just give her a nod and then help her to reach dining table. He eat his dinner while try hard to think about what Yuri will tell him. He’s so curious. After dinner, Yuri take him to her room while her maids clean up the table

“What it is about?” Yamada asked her.

“Just come in first.” said Yuri in smile.

“Tell me.” Yamada said and sit on the bed edge. He look at her with his puzzled face.

“Well…..I want you.” whispered Yuri. She come closer to him and take his hands. He swung it slowly after she lock the door. Then she push him to the bed and try to pull of his shirt.

“Aaa….dame yo Yuri, we-we just finish our lunch and…”

“I don’t care.”


“I want you Ryo-chan…” she said and kiss him. Yamada get up while touch her cheeks. Still kiss her and make her lay under him. He kiss her neck and turn to her skin behind her ear. But Yuri feel so excited. She push Yamada again and slowly guide him to sit against the bed headboard again, like before. “You still don’t get hard, huh?”

“Yu-Yuri….” he call her, but Yuri ignored him. She pull off her dress and being naked in front of Yamada. She smirk. Then she turn her body to Yamada lower part. She unzip Yamada’s trouser and catch his stick. “What-what are you doing?” but Yuri doesn’t say anything. She play with his stick while kiss Yamada. Yamada feel so high as she stroke his stick She make him cum without suck it. Yamada moans as feel her stroke it. He cum so easily. It make Yuri show him her naughty smile. “You tease me, huh?” said Yamada in gasping. But Yuri only show her smile. Now, she really turn to his lower body without any word. She do blow job. She lick Yamada’s love juice and want to make that stick hard again. She lick his stick just like a delicious ice cream, let her tongue play with the Yamada’s sensitive point. Her tongue wander on his stick, then catch his ball. She suck it for awhile before move to his stick again and suck it. Her head move up and down as she suck it. Her hand still grab Yamada’s stick.

Yamada can’t hold himself anymore. He feels so great to feel her blowjob and get hard so easily. “Yu-Yuri….” he stop Yuri to do that. He push her to lay under him. Then he pull of his shirt and pants. “You’re so naughty.” then he lick her nape.

“Indeed.” Yuri said in moans and smile.

“Souka….” said Yamada. Then he lift up her leg and hold it on his shoulder. “You make me hard. Naughty girl.” but Yuri still only show him her smile. Then she can feel Yamada thrust her. It feels so great. But Yuri get so excited and lustful. She get so naughty. She lick Yamada’s earlobe, it make that guy shudder for awhile. Then Yuri grab push him to lay under her. She drive on his stick. Yamada feel so greet. He get up and wrap Yuri waist. He pull her to him and suck her nipple. Yuri grab his hair and drive more hard on his stick. She moans hard. Yamada know he has reach her spot. Then he wrap Yuri and push her to under him again. He thrust her more harder. It make Yuri grab his hair more tight.

“Mo-motto…motto….” Yuri said.

“Ungh….” Yamada make it deeper it her. “I love you Yuri.” he said and thrust Yuri more harder till his ball reach that pussy. “Yuri….” he stop his movement for awhile and take Yuri’s weak hand, put it on his shoulder. Let her wrap him so tight.

“Do-don’t stop….” Yuri said in gasping.

“I’m not.” he thrust her again.

“Motto…..” Yuri said again. Yamada do what her said. He thrust her more deeper, hit her spot more and more time by time. He can feel her shivering body. Both of them get so excited now and hot. They can feel each other warm body, heavy breath, their sweat and redden cheeks.

“Yu-Yuri…cum together ne….”

“U-un…hh…” Yuri give a slight nod. It’s not take a long time for Yamada to sprout his love juice into her pussy. Yuri can feel warm liquid in her body. She smile weakly as he know it. She feel so awesome now. She take Yamada cheeks and give a light kiss. “I love you too.” she said though she still gasp. Yamada slide out his stick while lay on Yuri chest. He can hear her fast heartbeat. He smile, because he has the same rhythm too. Then he lay beside her and hold her so tight. He kiss her hair.

“You didn’t tell me what you want to say before.” Yamada whisper on her hair as he stroke her hair softly.

“First, prepare your heart.” said Yuri and smile. Yamada nod. He really curious about it. He look on her eyes so deep. “I’m pregnant.” Yamada frozen. Yuri smile and she play with Yamada’s finger while that guy keep frozen. There’s no respond from that brown hair boy. He still space out. “Ryo-chan….” Yuri call him, “Ryo-chan teba…” Yuri call him again. “Mou~~~you don’t want it, huh?”

“Huh?” he back to the earth.


“Iie...I don’t mean it.” he interrupted her. “I just get shock. It’s so suddenly. I don’t think it will turn out to fast.” he chuckle. “As you know, I’m so happy now.” his heart beating so fast. “It means the whole you is mine now. Then...we should meet your parents. Will you marry me? Well...it’s a little too late, demo...will you?” he talk without break. It make Yuri giggle. “After that, we should prepare some baby stuff , and....the debt, and....the meal, and....”

“Ryo-chan...” she calm him. “You don’t need to be panic like that. We can find the stuff we want later. It’s still too early. It’s still 2 weeks.”

“So-souka.....” he look at Yuri and feel more calm now. He kiss her lips. “Arigatou...to being the mother of my baby.” he said. And....it must be the happy ending. They meet Yuri’s parent on the next day, Yamada tell her parents that he want to marry Yuri. Her parents accept that since they know Yamada for a long time ago and they like him. The wedding is being the big wedding. After that Yuri live with her husband, Yamada and she gave birth a twin. They named their twin as Ren and Rei.

A/N : I hope the ending was good for you all
and I don't know how to say it right now
I really don't know that I can stay at here for longer or no
no time to write and read though I want
This is the last story from me
I think I would like to hibernate and hiatus from LJ for a little bit long time
I'm so sorry for others who request some fics
I try my best to finish it, but the progress run so slow
I couldn't do anything for it
and tomorrow, I need to join the millitary training from the company I work on

so....gomen ne minna m(_ _)m


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I'll try my best to not take the hiatus too long
arigatou na HIka-chan
miss you too
and thanks to like my fics *sob sob*

Uhm, gomen.. I can't reply to all your comments, the net connection is fckin slow here... orz

I'll waiting for your comeback, nee-chan ^^
Just.. don't make me wait for too long ok? Because I love your stories ^^

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Arigatou na hika-channnn *hug you*

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You're welcome, nee-chan...^^
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