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Only Your Figure in My Eyes (Chp. 13)

Only Your Figure in My Eyes
Title : Only Your Figure in My Eyes
Author : switenana
Beta : hwangtinglee
Pairing : YamaChii, slight of TakaChii
Rating : NC – 17
Genre : Fluff, romance, angst
Summary : Love isn’t easy. It’s pretty complicated. What is true love? Can it bought with money? How it feel actually?

“Tell me, Ryo-chan!” she’s begging him.

Yamada stare her. “You really want to know, huh?” Yamada looks so serious. He take her wrist and let her sit on his lap. Now, he can face her back. He hold her waist and rest his head on her shoulder. Then he tell her about everything was happened.

>> in the morning on the same day

“Ryo-chan…” said the old lady as she saw her young boy come home after a long time he didn’t back home.

“Okaa-chan.” he hugs that old lady.

“Okaeri nasai, my son.”

“Okaa-chan, where is Otoo-chan?” that young man asked his mother.

“He will back soon. What happened?” his mother asked him and guide him to take a seat.

“I want to take Yuri as my wife.” it’s so surprising her. His eyes not only catch his shocked mother, but also his father who came home so sudden. “Well, I just want let you two know about that. I just proposed her.”

“You…..why do you always make a decision by yourself? You never discuss anything with your parents. You’re….impudent child.” his father looks so mad.

“It’s my own life.” he said. “I don’t want to fight.” he said to his father. “I gotta go. I just want to tell it to you.”

“Impudent child. You always like that.”

“Otoo-chan….” Yamada tried to hold his emotion. “I go now, Okaa-chan.” he pecked her cheek.

“Yeah…” seems like his father want to fight with him. “Just go out. Don’t come back again.”


“You shouldn’t yelled at your father. I have rose you, you-….”

“It’s not you. It’s mom. She rose me. You….you know what? You only cheated on her. You play with other girl. She knew it, but she still accept you in her life. She-…” a slapped stop his line.

“Okaa-chan…” Yamada stare on the old woman.

“Stop it.” his mother told him. His father could only silent.

“Gomen.” said Yamada in guilty. “I go now. Hontou nig omen nasai, okaa-chan…” he said so quietly. His mother hug him and calm him. Then he go home. He drove his car to his comfortable private house. But, something surprised him. He got messy house and all of his painting were destroyed. All of the painting of Yuri had destroyed.

>>back to the present

“I’m not sure who did it all?!” said Yamada after told her what happened to him.

“And I think I know who did it.”

“Maybe we need to be apart for awhile Yuri. I don’t want you get harm. I need to find that person first. After I can make sure about it, I will meet you again. Ok?”


“You love me, deshou? And you know how much I love you.”

“I don’t want to be apart. It will be the hard time for me.”

“I know it Yuri, because I also feel the same. Demo, you know that, the best time I ever had is being with you, only you.” he hold her. “We only need to be apart for awhile. I will find that person as soon as possible, so we can be together after that.”

“How long?”

“I try to make it work on 2 weeks.”

“It’s a little bit long. I-….”

“Don’t feel sad like that, ok?” he touch her cheeks to make her face him. “Yuri, can I ask you a favor?”


“Please act like you hate me when you out of my home. Make it like you hate me so much and you dumb me. Make it like we’ve
broke up.”

“Why do I-…..”

“Because I think someone was stalking me. Maybe that person-…”

“Souka…” Yuri interrupted him. “Wakatta.” she said it.

Yamada smile. “Well, I think you should go home now. Your parents will worried about you if you go out too long.” he whisper. “Moreover,” he sight and release her, “I also had to clean my house. Mitte….” he looks around, “my house is totally messy.” then his eyes turn back to Yuri. He smile again as look at Yuri’s annoyed fce. “I’ll not cheat on you.” he give a light kiss to her.

“Ok. I go home now.”

“Un,” he nod. He’s in bad mood before. But now, he feels so much better. It always be like that every time Yuri’s around him. Then they do their plan. Yuri go out from Yamada’s house and she looks so mad. Yamada try to grab her wrist, but she ignored it. She slapped his hands and told him that they broke up. That was what the stalker saw and heard. The stalker smirk, seems like he’s so happy. Yuri go into her car and command the driver to go away from Yamada’s resident. Yamada tried to chase the car, but he’s too slow to chase it. Yuri’s car go away and being so far now, but dimly, Yuri can see someone standing behind the bush near Yamada’s resident. Yamada, himself, get into his resident, totally like a depression man. But, it’s only an acting.

“It’s Yuya, deshou?” she stare on that figure. That question across her mind now. She take a picture by her cell phone, then back to her seat. “If it’s really Yuya….what is he doing? Why he stay there? What is he looking at?” question by question fulfill her mind now. She think hard about it. Even when she lay on her bed. She’s rolling on her bed and think about it time by time. “Do he plan something?” she still doesn’t get any answer. “He’s the one do that. It might be him. He destroyed all of Ryo-chan’s paintings.” she get up and sit on her bed. She pick her phone and call Yamada, but Yamada doesn’t reply it. “Ergh…why he always like this?” she try to call him again and again, but still she doesn’t get any answer. Then she send him a message and the photo of Yuya.

On the other side, Yamada still busy. He clean up his house. It took a long day to clean all of the stuff. He go here and there, throw and pack broken stuff into the big bag. After that, he take a bath. With a towel on his head, his bare chest and a Hawaii pants, he pick his phone. He’s so surprised when he got his phone. There’s around 30 miscalled. All of them are from Yuri. Then he check it again, he find there’s a message.

“Well, I’m not sure if it is him, but if it’s really him, then you will regret it, Takaki-san.”

The next day, Yamada go to his private room and make a call.

“Kei-chan, hisashiburi. It’s me Ryosuke, your cousin.”

“Ah Ryo-chan, hisashiburi. What’s make you call me so suddenly after a long time we never talk to each other?”

“I need your help.”

“Um, ok. What’s that?” asked Keito. Yamada told him about what had happened to him. He told him everything since Keito is a detective. “Give me time. I’ll find the person to you. Demo….can you let me come to your private room? I need some evidences.”

“Sure you can.”

“Well, see you this tonight.” then they hung up the phone. At night, Keito come to Yamada’s resident. They peck each other cheeks. At that time, Takaki take a picture of them, when they greet each other. He smirk and take so many pictures of them. “Hisashiburi,” said Keito.

“Un, hisashiburi.” Yamada touch Keito’s upper arms. Then he let Keito come in.

At that time, Takaki feel so happy. “I got you, Yamada-san.” he smirk. “You cheat on Yuri, huh? She’s so beautiful, huh?” his sly smirk plastered his face. He think he will take much more picture of them and show it to Yuri. “I will get Yuri back.” he said. Actually, he want Yuri, because Yuri is the daughter of art committee chairman. He want that position. It’s already 3 days he was stalking Yamada and take so much picture about Yamada and Keito. Every time Keito come to Yamada’sa resident and every time they meet each other in café. Slowly, it turn to be a weeks and now, Yamada want to meet his little girl. He smile like a freak all way to Yuri’s house. But, there’s Takaki in her house and Yuri looks mad at him.

“What are you doing here, Takaki-san?” asked Yamada.

“Hisashiburi, Yamada-san.” said Takaki in sly smirk.

“What-…are-…you-…doing-…here?” Yamada clutch Takaki collar shirt.

“Ryo-chan….” Yuri touch Yamada’s hands. Stop him to do a punch to Takaki’s face. Takaki still in his sly smirk as he looks at Yamada. It’s really piss off Yamada. He really want to punch that brunette boy’s face.

“Well,” he pat his shirt as Yamada release him. “It think I leave it to you here, Yuri.” said Takaki. “Matta ne, my dear.” that line really make Yamada get so mad. But, Takaki was so calm. He get away from them, just leave both of them in that bad situation.

“Why is he here?” Yamada asked his little squirrel.

“It doesn’t matter what he’s doing here and why he’s here.” Yuri looks so mad. “Explain all of this to me.” she throw all of the photos to Yamada’s face. That brown hair boy take all of them and see it one by one. Then he turn to Yuri.

“You’re mistaken it.”

“If I really mistaken it, then can you prove it?!” Yuri still mad. “Who is she?”


“Un, the girl in that picture.”

“Girl?” he looks at the photos. “There’s no girl.” said Yamada.

“It’s a girl, deshou?” Yuri point her finger into the picture. She point on Keito picture. It make Yamada laugh. “Why do you laugh? It’s a girl deshou?” Yuri pout mouth.

“It’s not Yuri. He’s not a girl.”


“Ok, he is my cousin, Keito, and he is a boy, not a girl. I asked him to help me. That’s why he came to my house.” he explained all of it.

“You never tell me about your cousin.”

“Well, it’s because we rarely meets. It’s already 7 years we didn’t meet each other. And this time, I met him to help me. That’s all.” Yuri feel ashamed and look at Yamada. She catch his lips.


“You don’t need to say sorry.” Yamada hold her. “I should tell you from the beginning.” he said and give a light kiss. “I really miss you.”

“Me too.” she peck his cheek. “Ne, tell me….”


“I think you’ve know who did it to you. Who is destroyed all of your paintings?! Is it Yuya?” Yamada keep silent for awhile and stare on her. He do sigh a while. “So….it’s really him. We should arrest him.”

“Hoo….our lovey dovey….” someone grins like an evil and standing beside Yamada and Yuri.

“You-…..” Yuri and Yamada said in the same time.

“Why are you still here?!” Yamada mad.

“Um….well, I just want make sure both of you are broken up.” Takaki said quietly. “Demo….,” he chuckle. “I’m wrong I guess.” he laugh. “Ma…ma….,” he stare them. “By the way, how do you arrest me, huh?” seems like he challenged them.

“So….it’s all yours, huh? You destroyed all of my paintings?!” said Yamada still in mad.

“Umm……” Takaki act like he’s thinking about it. “Well….Indeed. I destroyed all of it. I do that because I hate you so much. Because of you, I lost everything, even my art degrees. Then, I decided to do that.” he take a seat in front of them. “Even though you want to arrest me…you can’t prove I did it, don’t you?” he giggles. Both of Yamada and Yuri can’t say anything. They know they can prove it, they have no evidences to proof it.

“Who says we can’t arrest you, Tadaiki-san.” someone entered the house and join Yamada and Yuri. It surprised the three of them.

"You-...." Tadaiki widen open his eyes as he look at that figure.

A/N : Please be pleasure to read this one after a long time I didn't post anything, Gomen


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It's been quite long since I read the last chapter *__*
It's okay... It's worth reading it since I'm a big fans of this story ^^
So.. that's Takaki who destroys Yamada's paintings ne.. damn you Bakaki!!
*jumps to the next chapter*

I'm so glad to get you as my reader
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ok then, just read it as long as you want it ^^
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