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Only Your Figure in My Eyes (Chp. 12)

Only Your Figure in My Eyes (Chp. ?)
Title : Only Your Figure in My Eyes
Author : switenana
Beta : hwangtinglee
Pairing : YamaChii, slight of TakaChii
Rating : NC – 17
Genre : Fluff, romance, angst
Summary : Love isn’t easy. It’s pretty complicated. What is true love? Can it bought with money? How it feel actually?

“What do you want Yuri?” Yamada whisper. He really confused. Now both of them breath normally. “What are you talking about?” he caress her cheek.

“Why you never cum inside me?” she looks at him. Yamada’s blushing hard. He get caught.

“You know I want, demo….” he hold her tight and pull her to be closer to him. Let her head rest on his nape. “You-you know….you-you will…..” he speak in lower tune.

“I don’t mind.” Yuri chuckle.

“Naughty girl.” Yamada chuckle and kiss her again. At that time, the rain still pour hard. Seems like it won’t stop soon. The kiss become passionate. Yamada let his tongue lick Yuri’s upper lips and slid in, caress her tongue and sometime suck it. He suck her bottom lips while Yuri’s hand slowly wander to Yamada’s lower body. Her hands get Yamada’s stick. It surprised Yamada awhile. She stroke it while they do kissing. It make Yamada moans and he get hard again. He push her to be under him. “So…you want the second round, huh?” he put one of his leg between Yuri’s leg. He continue to lick her nape. He grab her short hair so lustful for awhile, then lick over her neck. He turn to her belly and her waist, kiss her on that part, make the girl shrug and moans in the same time. She grab the bed sheet on the bed edge part. She tighten her grips.

“Ryo-chan….” her husky voice call Yamada.

She call him in moans, but Yamada ignored her. He’s in his lustful side now. His hands wander to Yuri’s breast, he massage both of her beautiful breast gently. Sometimes he give a little pressure on it, the other time he pinch her nipple, suck it and lick it. Seems like he enjoy to play with her breast. Sometimes he squeezes her breast and make them meet on her collarbone. When that beautiful breast meet each other, Yamada kiss and lick them passionately. Yuri can feel Yamada become more hard on her leg. She moans hard and grab the bed sheet so tight. She bite her bottom lips as feel so pleasure when Yamada pressing her nipple and make circle with her forefinger on both of her nipple.

“E-ergh…Ryo-chan….mo-mo-motto….” she said in heavy breath.

“Not yet….I need to use protection…” said Yamada and get up. He also gasp hard at that time. He grab his trousers and take something from his pocket. But Yuri suddenly get up and throw that things away from his hand. She push Yamada to lay on the bed under her. Yuri used to sit on his belly.

“I’ve said….just do it inside me.”

“I don’t want you-….” Yuri kiss him and slowly she guide Yamada to sit on the bed against the bed headboard. She stroke his stick again before put it in her pussy. She moans and do a little grimace as it slid inside her. “Let me ride on your stick.” She whisper and start to move up and down while wrap Yamada’s neck. She moans and move intensely. Yamada wrap her waist and kiss her breast. Sometimes he kiss her nape and her shoulder blade, then rest his head on her chest. Both of them feel so warm and lustful. “Yuri……Yuri…..” he call her and hold her so tight. He can feel so tight on his stick now. “Yu-Yuri…” he call her and touch her cheek. “L-let me out of you….hh….” he pants. “I-I will cum…ergh….soon.”

“I don’t….want….hh…” she still move up and down. She wrap him so tight and lay her head beside Yamada’s face. “J-just cum together.”

“De-demo….” he want to argue with her, but he really can’t hold himself anymore. “Yu-Yuri….” he hold her so tight as he sprout out his lovely seeds inside Yuri. Finally they reach the climax. It’s so pleasure for both of them. Yuri moans hard as she feels Yamada cum inside her. It’s warm. She feels so weak after that. She looks at Yamada, rest her forehead on Yamada’s forehead, let their nose touch each other. They can feel each other gasping hard. Yuri still sit on Yamada and doesn’t let his stick out of her. Then she kiss him. Yamada return it so softly and gentle. “You’re so damn cute, Yuri.” he said then release Yuri, let that weak little girl lay on the bed.

“And…..” she’s still in gasping hard. “You’re so awesome, Ryo-chan.” she smile.

She can feel Yamada let his stick out of her now. Slowly Yamada get up and lay above her. His hands standing beside Yuri’s head. Then he catch her lips, kiss her so softly and gentle. He can feel Yuri’s hand on his lower arms.

“I love you….” he blow on her lips.

“Ryo-chan….” she call him after lean on him. The brown hair boy sit against the bed headboard again and let Yuri leans on him. He hold her waist, let her back meet his chest. “I really hope the night will never end, like there’s no morning, so we can be like this forever.” Yamada chuckle as heard Yuri said it.

“I hope so, I still feel like I’m dreaming. If I’m really dreaming, then I don’t want it end soon.” he blow a kiss on her shoulder, then play with her finger. “I also hope there’s no morning, so I can keep dreaming.” he whisper it to Yuri without he know that little girl has gone to sleep. “Now, we-….” he look at that little girl, but that girl has gone to sleep. Yamada chuckle as he look her sleep like that. “Oyasumi my little princess.” then he kiss her.

It’s already 5 am when he see his wristwatch. ‘I should go.’ he thought. Slowly he get away from Yuri and put on his clothes. He stare his girlfriend. He smile and kiss her forehead. He take the blanket to cover that small body and leave a note for her. Then he go out from the window. A few minutes later, Yuri wake up because the maid knock the door to wake her up. Like normally morning, her parents wait for her to get breakfast together. She wake up in hurry and put her dress. Suddenly her eyes catch something on her desk, a note. It’s Yamada’s handwriting. She smile as look at that stuff and read it.

How was your sleep? Gomen to leavc you, I need to do something. I’ll text you later. I’ll see you after lunch. I love you.

-         Yamada Ryosuke

After read it, Yuri get so excited. She will meet her lover after lunch. She can’t wait it. She already miss him again though they met and make out last night. Her sparkling eyes let everyone know that she’s in love and feel so happy. Her parents also happy for her. But, the smile can’t be there all day. She didn’t get any message or call by her boyfriend. He even didn’t come to her after lunch. It’s already 3 pm. He still doesn’t show up. Yuri decided to go to his home.

“RYO-CHAN…” she ringing the door bell in Yamada resident as she reach that resident. It only take a few minutes to reach Yamada house without traffic jam.

“Yuri….” he open the door to her. He looks so messy.

“Can I come in or you want me to stay here, in front of the door?” she looks mad.

“Eto….” Yamada replied her hesitantly. “Um….ok….come in.” he said and let her come into his house. Yuri so shocked as she get in. His house is totally messy and his painting was destroyed.

“What’s going on here?” she said, but she doesn’t get any answer. Her eyes explore to every side in his house. “What happened Ryo-chan?” she pick up a painting. It’s destroyed. Now, there’s no single painting leave. “Ryo-chan….” she call him by her pleading tone. She come closer to him, to comfort him, but something in Yamada grip get her attention. It’s the threaten letter he got two days ago. Her eyes become bigger after read it. “What is it, Ryo-chan? Why don’t you tell me about this?” she become so mad at him now. Yamada remain to silent and look down. “Why do you hide this from me?” she stand in front of him now. She wait for the answer, but she still doesn’t get any answer “Souka….so you actually never think about me as your koibito. So….you don’t love me and just play with me, don’t you?” she almost cry. “Jerk. I think you’re different with Yuya, but I make a mistaken again. There’s no different between you two.” she’s totally mad. “Well, let’s break up.” Yamada looks at her in surprised when he heard what she said.


“There’s nothing we can do for it.” she about to walk away when suddenly Yamada grab her hands and force her to come into her embrace. Yuri keep silent as he did it. “I never mean to play with your heart. I really love you.” he said and put his head on her shoulder. “But…it will harm you if you keep staying with me.”

“I don’t care.”


“As long as I’m with you, it’s ok. Tell me, what happened? Why it can be like this?” she touch his cheeks.

“It’s because….” he stare on her. They stare each other so deeply. Yuri really curious. She really want to know what happened to her boyfriend.

A/N :  I present you the next chapter
hope you'll enjoy it
gomen ne, if I didn't reply your comment *bowed*


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No need to thank me nee-chan..I'll always reading your stories ^^
And I spotted your updates already, gonna read it one by one :)
*hugs back*

ok then
I hope you'll like it
well....it's so rarely to get any reader of YamaChii right now I guess
*sigh* and I really want to write more and more T.T

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