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Only Your Figure in My Eyes (Chp. 11)

Only Your Figure in My Eyes
Title : Only Your Figure in My Eyes
Author : switenana
Beta : hwangtinglee
Pairing : YamaChii, slight of TakaChii
Rating : NC – 17
Genre : Fluff, romance, angst
Summary : Love isn’t easy. It’s pretty complicated. What is true love? Can it bought with money? How it feel actually?

Calm, cool breeze, shiny sunshine, and chirping of birds are the sunny morning mood. At least, that’s the morning that should be felt by Yamada or Yuri. But, it’s too calm in Yuri’s house that all of them can hear each other breath and heart beats. It’s the day for Yuri to see the paintings, to distinguish which one is genuine. There are Yamada, Takaki, Yuri, her father, and other committee members as well.

Yamada stared at his girlfriend, but Yuri looks very mad. Her death glare stares at Takaki. That boy returns her gaze and shows his sly smirk. It makes Yuri becomes so mad.

“Here are the paintings,” one of the committee members shows them both of the paintings, the painting of Takaki and Yamada. Yuri comes closer to the painting. She looks at that painting so deeply and carefully. Then a slight smirk showed on her face.

“Well….” said Yuri and looks around, she stares at everyone. She catches Takaki’s smirk. She returns it with a smirk too. Then he turns to Yamada, she knows her boyfriend is so worried, has no confidence, and is so down. Yuri shows him her bright smile. She wants that boy to be calm. She turns her gaze to her father. The old man smiled to her, letting her know that she can do everything and as her father, she should know that he will always trusts her. Yuri only returns his smile. “This one is fake,” she said directly as she points to Takaki’s painting.

“How can you say mine is fake?” said Takaki. He looks a little bit mad. The other committee members want to ask the same question, but they keep it in themselves. They want to know what this girl wants to say.

Yuri smirked as she heard Takaki’s question. “Mm…do you know where this is? I mean this beautiful scenery?” she stares at Takaki’s eyes.

“Of course I know. It’s….”

“How can you know it? You’re not even with me at that time,” all of the members are staring at Takaki now. Yuri smirked. “As you know, it’s his apartment, Yamada’s apartment,” she said. It really surprised Takaki. His big eyes stare at Yuri angrily, but he tries to hide it. “As you know, it’s the time when you dump me and he helped me out. He took care of me when I was so down before.” Takaki is speechless. “I still remember it. It’s the living room at his apartment and it’s a shining morning after the day I got a fever,” her father looks at Yuri. Now, he knows everything. His only daughter went through hard times without him knowing about it. “And…” Yuri comes closer to that painting. “There’s a mistake in your painting, Yuya.” said Yuri. She’s so confident in front of all the committee members. “Don’t you remember my face when I still have blonde hair?” it shocked Takaki. “Well…..” she takes a deep breath and smiled. “I think it’s enough. I don’t want to make it worst for you.” she smiled.

Yamada is speechless. He never thinks that Yuri will have those thoughts whenever she looks at that painting.

That time, all of committee members revoke Takaki’s arts degrees and banned him from putting any paintings in the gallery. None of his paintings will be on display from now on. Takaki is so mad as he storms out of that house. He’s not only busted, but he also gets threaten by Yuri and her father. Now, he won’t bother them again. Moreover, all of the committee members also decided to go back home. Now, there’s only Yuri, her father, and Yamada in the living room.

“Now, tell me everything I don’t know.” her father smiled and sits on the sofa.

In the afternoon tea event, Yamada tells Mr. Chinen about the relationship between him and Yuri. He also said that he wants to become engaged with Yuri. Fortunately, their relationship gets blessed by Yuri’s father. To get her father’s blessing, it’s more than enough to make both Yamada and Yuri happy.

“Arigatou Yuri, you’ve done so much for me,” he touch her cheeks and gives her a light kiss, “I’ll go home now.” he hugs her. “Matta ashita,” said Yamada and gets into his car.

“Un, matta ashita.” Yuri smiled. “You need to take a rest.”

“Mmm…..” he smiled. “Well, maybe…” he stares at her. “I’ll see you later.” it’s the last word from Yamada, before he drives away. Then Yuri went back to her house does some chit chat with her parents and does everything like she normally does. After dinner, she went back to her room and stares at the dark sky. She’s waiting for a call, at least a message from Yamada. But she doesn’t get any messages or calls. “What is he doing? Why doesn’t he call me? He didn’t even send any messages. She throws herself to her bed and rolls on it. She’s waiting, waiting, and waiting. But there’s still no call or message. She’s waiting for it till she falls asleep.

The other morning is greeting her. She picks up her phone and sees there are about five messages in her cell phone. All of them are from Yamada, but it’s so late night. She replies the message, but his reply an hour after she sent her message. It makes her being a little bit mad at her boyfriend. Then she decided not to send any message or call him.

Seconds become minutes, then it become hours. Time by time, she miss him so much, but she don’t want to be the first one to ask him ‘What is he doing? Have he take his lunch’ or another question. She keeps silent and tries to be calm. Eat her lunch in silent and get back to her room. Staying in there till she reaches the night.

Night??? Yeah, it’s already night without her realizing it. She has wear her red bunny pajamas while stare outside. There’s no stars, no moon, only cool breeze. It’s windy. She closes the window and rolling on her bed. She’s waiting again for the message or call by Yamada. But, there’s still no one in her phone.

“Does he really love me?” she asked herself. Seems like she doubts it.

There are thunder and lightning outside. It would rain soon. Yuri knows it. She crawls on her bed and take the blanket. She tightens her grip on her blanket. Then, slowly it comes to drizzle. She’s really disappointed about Yamada’s feeling. She’s hiding herself under the blanket since she hate rain. She’s rolling on her bed and thinks about something. She tried to think about her relationship with Yamada. She decided to sleep early till suddenly she heard someone knocking her window. She thinks it’s just her imagination, but she still heard it again and again. She’s lowering her blanket and turns her face to that sound. She can see Yamada’s knocking the window. She’s rubbing her eyes to make sure with her sight.

“Will you open the window or not?” Yamada said from the outside. Yuri opens the window as soon as possible, because the rain seems it will pour hard.

“What are you doing here?” Yuri asks him as he opens the window.

“Will you let me stay out here till the rain pour hard or….you will let me come in?”

“O-ok, come in.” she let him come in. Yamada climbed in to Yuri’s bedroom. His hair a little bit wet. He holds her so tight in his arms.

“I really miss you.” he whispers.

“Then, why don’t you text me or call me?” she pouts her mouth.

“I run out of minutes,” he chuckle, “that’s why I can’t call or text you.” he looks at her, deep inside her eyes. “I really miss you,” he whispers again.

“I also miss you, demo….” she push him away. “It’s too cold now. I should close the window.” said Yuri and gets away from her boyfriend. She closes the window. Yamada is watching her movement. He lets her close the window, when he wants to hug her again. Yuri dodged it, she walks to the door. “I don’t want anyone bothering us.” she said as she locks the door. Slowly Yamada holds her in a rush. He kisses her nape from behind. Then he takes her wrist after turning off the light, lead her to the bed edge. There’s only the sleeping lamp is on. He hugs her waist; let her stand in front of him.

“Let me be like this!” he whisper and rest his head on Yuri’s chest. Yuri let him do whatever he wants. She only let one of her hands lay on Yamada’s shoulder while the other one stroke his hair. “You’re so cute in this pajama” he kisses her collarbone above her pajamas. It makes Yuri blushing hard. Then one of his hand slowly touch Yuri’s nape. He pulls Yuri to let their face become so close and kiss her softly. “Yuri…” his husky voice calls that little girl. “I really want you. I really want to hold you.” he whispers on her lips. Yuri can’t say anything. She’s lost in him again. Slowly Yamada grab Yuri, push her to lie on the bed. He does it so softly. Yuri remains silent and lets him guide her. Slowly he pulls of her pajamas while kissing her again. Now, he can see her chest.

“Do you really want me to do that?” she whispers.

“Or do you want me to stop here?” he teasing her.

“Don’t stop.”Yuri clutches his collar shirt; make their face get closer. She tried to catch his lips. “I want your naughty play.” Yuri blows it on his ear. Now, she really can’t hide her redden cheeks.

“Souka…”Yamada smirked. Then he pulls of her pajamas. “Then I will play naughty this time. Because I really miss you.” he said then kisses her shoulder blade. He turns to her breast and gives a light kiss to her nipple. “Yuri….Yuri…..” he blows as he kisses her belly. Then he turns her body, let her back face him. He locks her hands behind her and kisses her nape. “What about….doggy style, Yuri?”


“Wanna try?”He whisper, then he caress Yuri’s back hole with his hand. Let his forefinger and middle finger caresses it, making her moans. Yuri can’t say anything, she only do a slight nod. Yamada smirk as he saw it. Then he releases her hands, let her grab the pillow while his free hand get her breast. He massage her breast and sometimes pinch her nipple while lick on her spine. He still caresses her pink hole with his finger, then slowly he turn to her hips. He kisses it and lifts it up. Now, he can see her pink hole clearly. He touches her hips and lick on her pussy.

“Ryo-Ryo-chan….”she’s trembling and tightens her grips on the pillow.

Yamada want to hear that moans. He misses it so much. “Don’t hold your voice Yuri.” he whispers. Actually, no one will hear her moans, because the rain pours hard all night. Yuri doesn’t care about it anymore. She’s totally blank.

She moans hard as she feels something strange like that. It’s so wet when Yamada lick it. Slowly that brown hair boy grabs her hips so tight, so he can reach her pink hole easily. He let his tongue slid in. It makes Yuri moans so hard. It’s really a strange feeling. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s also not a pleasure feeling. It’s weird. That was her thought. “Yuri….” Yamada call her again. “It’s so tight, just relaxed…” he whispers. Yuri tries hard to relax, but it’s too hard to be calm and relax. Yamada knew it, but he really want to be inside her. “I’ll rub first, ok?” he tries to make her a little bit calm. His hard stick can’t be patient anymore. He uses his stick to rub between her hips, and then turn to rubbing her pink hole, her lovely pussy. Yuri can feel it; she can feel Yamada is getting hard. She moans and tightens her grips as she feel him. “Yuri….” he call her again. “Let me in…..” he whisper and Yuri give him a nod. Slowly, he put his stick in her pink hole, not completely inside. But it already makes Yuri moans. Now, both of them feel so warm in the rainy night. He can feel Yuri already get wet, it means she ready to let him inside her. He thrust her in her pink hole. It makes Yuri moans and screams.

“Ryo-chan…hh….”her grips become so tight and the tears fall down.

“Yuri….gomen….”he whisper, but Yuri can’t give any answer. She has lost and feels so weak against Yamada. She let him do what he wants to her. Yamada make it fast time by time while he pinch her nipple and sometimes make a circle on it by his forefinger. “Yuri….Yuri….”he calls her as thrust that girl. He makes it faster and harder as he find the pleasure spot on her. He hit it more and more making her moans so hard. Then he fined the climax. He slid out his stick and sprout out his milk juice over her back. Both of them are gasping hard. He grabs the tissue and wipes his milk juice over her back. He let her lay on her belly for awhile to neutralize her breath. He can feel her chest move up and down, she try to get some air. Yamada’s hand caresses her arms and wanders to her finger, entangle their finger. “You know….I never want to do this with other girls, but you make me want it. You make me want to be with you all the time. You also fulfill my mind. You’re my ecstasy. I’m really addicted to you.” he said. Yuri still can say anything. She’s still blank. She only listens to each word coming from Yamada and still feels the pain on her butt. Yamada touch her shoulder and turn her body to face him. He kisses her again, then take a blanket to cover her small body. “Gomen….” he holds that girl in his embrace. “I don’t mean to hurt you.” he whisper and blow a kiss to her forehead. “Should we go to sleep?” he asked her in low tune.

“No….I still wants to be like this. You know it’s still raining out there.”

“Ok….” he holds her. “Then we just keep talking till it stops.”

“I don’t want that.”

“What do you mean???”

"I....." she look at Yamada in blushing hard.

A/N : Here you are
the next chapter
I hope you still like it ^^


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