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Only Your Figure in My Eyes (Chp. 10)

 Title : Only Your Figure in My Eyes
Author : switenana 
Beta : hwangtinglee 
Pairing : YamaChii, slight of TakaChii
Rating : NC – 17
Genre : Fluff, romance, angst
Summary : Love isn’t easy. It’s pretty complicated. What is true love? Can it bought with money? How it feel actually?

“Who is that?” that question crossed his mind. It’s too late at night to get a guest. He lets the sleeping Yuri lay on the bed covered with a blanket. He puts on his shirt hurriedly then goes out to meet that someone. But, when he opens the door, he doesn’t find anyone. There’s only a letter, no name, no address, only a plain envelope. He locks the door again after that and opens the letter. His eyes become bigger as he read it.

                                                  You’ll regret it. I’ll kill you Yamada Ryosuke.

“Who is the sender?” it fulfills his mind. It’s a threatening letter, but, he doesn’t want it to bother his mind. He just got so happy to know Yuri also loves him. He wants to enjoy the moment being with her. So, he come back to the bedroom, turns off the light and lets the sleeping lamp turn on. He holds her again all night long till he feels sleepy and slowly falls asleep.

Another morning has greeting them. From the windows slits, the sunlight illuminates the room. Slowly Yuri wakes up and finds herself laying on Yamada.

“Aa Yuri, ohayou…” he greets her as he wakes up because of her movements. Yuri gets surprised and she grabs the blanket to cover her body spontaneously.

“O-ohayou,” she replied him. She takes her clothes and wants to wear it, but it’s too damp.

“Ah, you can’t use those clothes.” said Yamada and gets up from bed as he sees Yuri taking her clothes. “It must be damp. I don’t want you to get sick.” he grabs her clothes. Spontaneous Yuri tightens her grip on the blanket to cover her naked body. It make Yamada chuckle. “Well, you can use my clothes for awhile. I’ll dry your clothes.” he goes to his closet and takes a black shirt. “You can use this one.” he gives it to her.

“Um~~~,” Yuri looks at that shirt and takes it hesitantly. “I-it’s the same clothes I used before, deshou?”

“Maybe.” he smile while look at her. “Put it on.”

Yuri stares him as she heard what that boy said. “I will, but…..you should go out first.” she still stares at him.

“Hai hai,” he takes a deep breath. “I’ll prepare breakfast and dry your clothes. Join me when you finish, ok?” Yuri only gives a nod to him. Then he leaves Yuri alone in his room. He puts her clothes into the washing machine and makes breakfast after that. “Ah Yuri, here’s your breakfast.” in a few minutes, he serves a small bowl of miso soup, 2 fried eggs and a glass of milk when Yuri sits on the kitchen chair.

“It smells so good.” she breaths it in and takes a spoon of miso soup. “Oishii…” she touches her cheeks when she said it. It makes Yamada smile.

It’s a beautiful day. Well, at least, Yamada feels it’s really a beautiful day since Yuri belongs to him now. After eating their breakfast, Yuri goes to take her clothes, but Yamada holds her from behind and kisses her nape.

“Yuri~~~” his gentle voice calls the little girl.

“W-what Ryo-chan?”

“I still can’t believe it.”


“Am I still dreaming?” Yuri’s confused. She just let Yamada lays his head on her shoulder. “I still can’t believe you become my koibito.” he said while closing his eyes. Then Yuri turns her body to face Yamada. She can see him clearly now. Slowly Yamada takes her chin and gives her a light morning kiss.

It’s such a calm morning for those lovey dovey moments. Yuri has changed her clothes before Yamada takes her somewhere.

“Ryo-chan…” she calls him, well….her boyfriend now. “Whose car is this?” she points at the car in the house yard. She looks at Yamada to get an answer, but she only gets his smile. “Hey, I’m asking you.”

“Well, it’s my car.” he smiled.

“You never told me about that. You-you also never used it.”

“Um…..it’s because I hate traffic jams, so I rarely use it. Demo….it’s different today,” he smirked, “Just get in, ok?” he lets her in. He treats her like a princess. Yamada looks so happy. He even keeps smiling and grinning all the way he drives to their destination.

“Where’re we going?” suddenly Yuri asked him.

“We’re almost there.” it’s doesn’t take a long time to reach the place he mentioned, “Here we are.” It’s a big jewelry shop. He takes her inside and lets her look around while he meets a merchant. He talks to the merchant for a moment, then suddenly he grabs Yuri wrist. It’s surprised her. She looks at him, but she can only follow him when Yamada takes her to somewhere else in the store. “Close your eyes.” he command. Yuri followed his order and closes her eyes till suddenly she feels something on her neck. “Now open your eyes.” said Yamada as he touches her shoulder. Yuri can see herself standing in front of a mirror and there’s a beautiful necklace around her neck. She touches the necklace. “It’s yours now. The necklace is a sign of my love for you and a sign that you’re mine.” he whispered.

Suddenly his cell phone is ringing. He gets his cell phone from his pocket and looks at the number on it. He looks at her for awhile before picking it up.

“What???” Yuri returns his gaze. “Just pick it up. I’m ok here.”

“It’s your father,” he’s still looking at her, “I’ll talk to him first, ok?” he said and gets a little space from her. Yuri is still busy with her new necklace. She’s so happy. Occasionally, she stares at Yamada. She’s also curious about the phone call, about what they’re talking about over the phone. Seems like Yamada has gotten into trouble by being with her. Then he went back to her with a light smile plastered on his face.

“What are you guys talking about over the phone?” Yuri totally looks at him. “Did he trouble you? Or did you get in trouble with my.Otou-chan because I’m with you again?” but she only gets a little laugh from Yamada as he heard that. “W-what? Why are you laughing?”

“You don’t need to worry.” he pats her head.


“Your father wants to meet me,” he smiled, “It’s good news, deshou? It means I can meet him and…..talk about us.” he smiled broadly.

“Did he tell you why he wants to meet you?”

“Iie,” Yamada shook his head, “We will know it when we meet him, deshou?” he keep smiling. Yuri doesn’t have any ideas about it, but she’s really happy. It means Yamada will ask the blessing of her parents for their romantic relationship. But, there’s still doubt in Yuri. After shopping, Yamada takes her home. He’s so excited to meet her father. He drives his car as fast as he can to reach her house.

“Tadaima,” greeted Yuri as she comes into her house. Her maid replies the greeting. But the maid directly looks at Yamada and guides him to meet Yuri’s father, Mr. Chinen. Both of them stare at each other. They stepped into the living room and they can see Mr. Chinen is waiting for them. He looks so serious. Yuri looks at Yamada; she wants to make sure everything is ok. But….seems like it wouldn’t be ok. “Tadaima Otou-chan.”

“Un,” he mumbled back to Yuri. But his eyes still catches Yamada’s.

“Konnichiwa Mr. Chinen,” Yamada bowed and greets him.

“Un,” his baritone voice replied Yamada. “Yuri, go back to your room, I want to chat with Yamada-san for awhile.” Yuri doesn’t want to go anywhere. She still wants to stay with Yamada. She’s staring at him.

“Everything would be ok, Yuri. You should listen to your father, go to your room, ok?” he pats her head again. Mr. Chinen lets him do that. At that time, she can do nothing; she could only obey her father’s command. She leaves them in the living room. She acts like she will go back to her bedroom, but actually she’s peeking in on their conversation. She puts her ear to the wall, well….she doesn’t want to peek from the door, because she will be busted soon if she does that to the door.

“Can you explain what you have done?” Yamada show him his puzzled face. He doesn’t know what Mr. Chinen means. He is afraid to mistaken what Mr. Chinen said.

“I-I just hang out with your daughter.” Yamada said. Yuri’s so excited to know more about what that brown hair guy want to say. “I-……”

“I didn’t mean that Yamada-san.”


“What have you done with your paintings? I just got bad news about your paintings this morning. About the painting you showed in the gallery.” Yamada is being so confused now. He really doesn’t know what that old man means. The last painting you showed, the theme is ‘Only Your Figure in My Eyes’ I guess.” this time it make Yuri confused while she’s peeking at them. Each painting he has now, all of them gets the same theme, so which one is her father talking about. She thinks about it then she remembered about the painting in that gallery.

“I don’t know anything.” said Yamada.

“Someone send me an anonymous letter. It said that you plagiarized. It’s not your original painting. You stole someone’s idea.”


“I have seen your painting. It’s the same as Takaki Yuya’s,” Yamada is speechless. He really doesn’t know what he’s going to do now. “As the committee member, I can’t do anything to you but only punish you. All of your arts degrees are revoked. You may not display your painting in the gallery anymore. Your painting will not be accepted and never show your face to my daughter again. I’ll never give both of you my blessing.” seems like Mr. Chinen is so serious about it. Well, he’s is part of the arts committee, so he can do everything to the paintings and the painters. Yamada heart seemed torn. Now he can’t be with Yuri. What is he supposed to do without her. He just feels so happy when Yuri is beside him. He bowed low, heartbroken, blank and shocked.

“Don’t do that, Otou-chan.” suddenly Yuri comes in. She broke down the door.

“Yuri…..I’ve told you to go back to your room.”

“I won’t,” she stares at her father angrily.

“Yuri….” Yamada calls her softly in a low tone.

“I believe him. About the painting, it’s his original painting. If someone has stolen the idea, it’s Yuya. He did it as revenge.”

“No excuses,” said her father shortly.

“Calm down. Everything will be ok,” he touched Yuri’s shoulder and tries to calm his girlfriend now.

“I can’t,” she stares at Yamada for awhile. She’s so angry, “Just show me the painting, both of the paintings,” she said as she stares back at her father. “I know which one is the original and which one is not.”

“Ok,” her father said, “It’s still in the gallery now. “I’ll show you in 2 days after the exhibition ends.”

“Fine,” Yuri went back to her old attitude. She always acts cute and is a good girl lately, but now….she’s totally different. Her madness makes her go back to her old attitude, against her parent’s words. “Let’s get out of here,” she said and takes Yamada with her. Yamada bowed to her father and goes with her. On the other hand, a light smile radiated her father’s face.

“Yuri…you shouldn’t be like that to your father.”

“Demo, he’s so annoying,” she releases Yamada and just looks down. “I have held myself. I always do what he wants,” she said again. But suddenly she feels Yamada’s hand on her head. She can see Yamada smiles to her.

“Arigatou….” said Yamada.

It’s a strange day. Yuri stayed alone in her bedroom, only staring at the purple sky. It’s already afternoon and Yamada is back to his house. Yuri still looks so angry. “I’ll never let you go, Yuya. I’ll haunt you.” she clenched her hands tightly. She’s so furious. “How dare you still bother us.”

On the other side, Yamada gets a little bit stress. He goes to his private room. He looks around and sees his paintings there. All of them contained Yuri's figures. Bitter smirk radiated his face. He takes a seat on his working desk. "Yuri is really addicting to me. She even makes me forget about my feelings towards Yukka." he stares at one of the paintings. It showed Yuri when she used his black shirt. That small girl looked shy, but happy. She smiled and drank her tea while staring at the shiny sky. It's the painting made around a month ago, when he finally noticed his feelings towards Yuri. That figure can't get out of his mind and makes him think about her all the time. And that painting was about Yuri the first time they met and he brought her the breakfast. He smiles as he looks at that painting. "Everything would be fine. I know it." he said quietly.

A/N : I'm so thankful for hwangtinglee
she's so kind to correcting this story
arigatou gozaimasu m(_ _)m
demo, I always disappointed everyone lately
gomen nasai m(_ _)m
after this story done, I don't think to come to LJ again I guess *sigh*
gomen na minna


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Yay! update!!

Ehh,wait wait...
Stolen idea? Damn you,bakaki!!
Can't you thinking of a better idea rather than that "stealing thing" ?
Goshhh... I do can feel Yuri's madness here..
I hope there's a way to solve this problem ne..

What do you mean by saying "I don't think to come to LJ again" ???
Nooooo,how could you ?
I love your stories,more so for this one.. pleace continue to writing here ne.. ne ?
I'm waiting for the next chapter ^^

hai, bakaki did it
well...of course there's a way
what if it's you?!
how to solve their problem? *smirk*

um....I don't think my stories are interesting
and it's not good enough
um, well....let me think about it later
I can't think clearly lately
hehehe *gonna be crazy*

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